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Dr Mohammad Abualrub
Dr Mohammad Abualrub

Hi, my name is Mohammad Abualrub. I have completed Bachelor and Master degree in chemistry in Jordan, then I have joined the pharmaceutical Industry to work as a chemical analyst in Quality Control and Research & Development Departments for eight years. Later I were awarded the Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) by the Malaysian government to study PhD at UPM university.

Currently, am now working as assistant professor in private university in Jordan for nearly 4 years, and am currently the teaching (general chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry) at faculty of science in my university.

I have a lot of publications in the field of Chemistry and Am interested and expert in some analytical techniques such as Chromatography.

In addition to that, am online marketer since 4 years ago and I love it. Am interested with some affiliate programs such as Clickbank and CPA. My skills include writing good articles at different topics, processing and analysis techniques, creating professional and awesome websites, and many more……

Actually, I love teaching too much and am a passionate believer in life-long learning, and I will do whatever I can to encourage learning for all ages.

Dr Mohammad Abualrub

PhD in Chemistry expert in Online Marketing and webs design